Andrew Papadopoulos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

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Andy Papadopoulos

Andy Papadopoulos started training BJJ directly under Renzo Gracie at age 18. He trained at Renzo’s 37th St. academy in NYC and has been a loyal student since 1999. Andy holds the honor of receiving his black belt straight from Renzo himself. Renzo Gracie Academy in NY is considered the mecca of jiu-jitsu in the U.S. and has produced many BJJ champions as well as many UFC champion fighters.

During his journey to black belt Andy has trained with numerous world class high level jiu-jitsu practitioners, including Gracie family members such as Renzo, Roger, Rolles, Igor, and Gregor Gracie. In Brazil he further honed his skills at the famous Gracie Barra academy and also at Gordo jiu-jitsu Academy in Rio de Janeiro. He was also an instructor at Renzo Gracie CT which is now a staple in the community of West Haven and boasts one of the strongest teams in that area. Andy now lives in the shoreline area with his wife Effie and his sons Kosta and Evan; he is extremely motivated and excited to share with the shoreline community what the Gracie Family has shared with him.

His goal is to provide the highest level of instruction in BJJ to his students.  He has the means to do so with his technical experience and resources through world renowned Team Renzo Gracie. Andy is always diligently furthering his continuing education in BJJ with continuous training and private lessons with highly sought after coaches such as John Danaher. The gentle art (jiu-jitsu) was built for a less aggressive weaker person to defend himself against a bigger stronger attacker. So if you want to learn the techniques that turned the martial arts world upside down, and forced all martial artists to learn them, look no further because RGSA offers the authentic Renzo Gracie Jiu-jitsu.